Tamil Music Radio Stations Australia

Puradsifm Puradsifm999.25 FM
Profile. On air since 2012, this is a Tamil radio station that broadcasts from Australia. Puradsifm is on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, featuring music
ATBC - Australia's Tamil Radio ATBC - Australia's Tamil Radio999.32 FM
2018-10-12 · ATBC - Australia's Tamil Radio - ATBC is a radio station broadcasting programs primarily in Tamil language 24 hours a day. It is Australia’s only 24 hour
Iyalisai Iyalisai999.35 FM
Iyalisai Radio is a well executed community based radio station that is operated by the popular broadcaster which is known for Indian community related rad
Radiospathy Radiospathy999.89 FM
List of radio stations in Australia 87.6 MHz Hype FM – Dance Music Radio Station - Narrowcast; 94.9 MHz Cross FM – Christian radio - Narrowcast;